Can't join pool

I am trying to change to the pool-
When I do I get this error:

Asked to change to current state. Target = {‘owner_pubkey’: ‘0xb90e1f90b77fcb061b1d94795325139ae415aa1cfd00ea5e11c5b000ea2fdbf0504e64e69a2d04dbfe824ecd3fc73dd8’, ‘pool_url’: ‘’, ‘relative_lock_height’: 32, ‘state’: 3, ‘target_puzzle_hash’: ‘0x55a2d443901f7655893cecf1c98e4152591e8641c64a2b0294cad1a754d02f89’, ‘version’: 1}

i am having the same problem. how can i solve

You are unable to connect due to an issue with the keys.

You can try joining another pool.
This will help you understand whether the problem is on your side or not. If the connection is successful, that means that the issue is on the side of that pool, and you can try contacting them.

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