Can't leave for self-farming, or join another pool

Hi, friends,

From very beginning, I join the poolchia with command “chia plotnft create -u -s pool”, use the pool contract address to plot some plots.

Now, I want to try self-farming or joining another pool, but both of them do not work!

  1. Leave for self-farming
$ chia plotnft leave -i 1
Will start self-farming with Plot NFT on wallet id 1 fingerprint 331*****1.
Confirm [n]/y: y
Error performing operation on Plot NFT -f 331*****1 wallet id: 1: {'error': "'Wallet' object has no attribute 'self_pool'", 'success': False}
  1. Join another pool
$ chia plotnft join -i 1 -u

{'authentication_token_timeout': 5,
 'description': 'Welcome to Space Pool. By creating this Plot NFT, you agree '
                'to the following terms',
 'fee': 0,
 'logo_url': '',
 'minimum_difficulty': 1,
 'name': 'Space Pool',
 'protocol_version': 1,
 'relative_lock_height': 64,
 'target_puzzle_hash': '0x2f2c9ba1b2315d413a92b5f034fa03282ccba1767fd9ae7b14d942b969ed5d57'}

Will join pool: with Plot NFT 331*****1.
Confirm [n]/y: Aborting.

So, did I do some something wrong? and what is correct way?

Thanks in advance!

OS: Ubuntu server 20.04
Chia: version 1.2.2 git from source code

I think you need to use the wallet id 2

to check the correct wallet id run ‘chia plotnft show’

Thank you @mgonzalezm, I will try it!