Can't open port 844 on my Dlink


I am out of sync all the time and am now try to open port 8444 in my Dlink 853.
I add a virtual server where I choose the private ip of the pc where I am plotting/farming.
I choose port 8444 private port (start).
Public port start I choose 1 and end I choose 8900 and save that virtual server.
That should do the trick but when I check port 8444 is still closed! Any idea whats missing?. I can’t add any print screen here unfortunately.
Grateful for any help!

You are trying to do something with a range of ports and virtual server.

You just want to open port 8444 in both directions on both your router and your firewall. If you are selecting ranges and virtual server options you are not quite in the right place.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Believe me I have tried with just set port to 8444 in both directions in both router (the only way I can do this is to add a virtual server, at least I think so!) and firewall but to no avail.

I see the virtual server stuff in their information. I’m not used to it being named like that … anywaze, see if this helps:

Hi, thanks for the suggestion but my router 853 has not this GUI. A totally different setup.

@rogga31 I am sorry to report that it looks like you need to find a user manual or a replacement for your router.
Opening port 8444 should be easy.
Sorry I am unable to help.

Hi, no need ro be sorry! I have the manual but either that one is useless or I am complete idiot. :)The only way I can find in the manual to open a port is via the virtual server meny and that is not working.
Link to manual

I downloaded the manual in English and read the firewall and port forwarding sections.

It does look straightforward enough.

If you have opened port 8444 in BOTH directions (This often requires you to make two rules; one for 8444 in and one for 8444 out) on BOTH your firewall and router then you should have your connection.

Good luck! :grinning:


I have opened for both in and out in my firewall. But where do I configure that on my router? I have added a rule in Virtual servers, one general rule because I can’t choose in and out.

You add the rule twice … on the router. Once for outgoing and once for incoming.

It helped me