Can't stay synced while plotting

Ok I have tried very combo for plotting and plotting with efficiency. I’m not doing the best and I know something is not right. I have a Ryzen 9 3950x with 64gb of ram 5tb of ssd with 116tb of hdd. No matter how I stagger or start my plots my farm ALWAYS gets into a not synched state many times during the day and night. I get many zombie peers and I delete them but I never had this issue with 1.1.14. Anyone have a best practice for plotting or point me to something? Thank you all in advance.

Are you sure the plotting is a factor? Many people pointing out sync issues.

Did you forward port 8444 to your primary farmer machine? That’s essential.

Yes I have 8444 forwarded and I get lots of peers but not quality. This only occurs when plotting heavy. When I’m farming no out of synch issues. This one is frustrating. I’m also running win 10 pro which I don’t like but it is what it is.

Run through this article to see if you missed something. How many peers do you have (like 10 or 80)? If you truly have 8444 traffic making it to your system, you will have 60+ peers.

Plotting should have nothing to do with you being synced. Try adding as a peer,

I get plenty of peers but I get a bunch of zombie peers. They stay at 0/0. I kill them throughout the day and it help but more zombies come back. 1.1.15 seems much worse for win 10 pro than 1.1.14. It is very frustrating as I cannot figure it out. Any thoughts would be helpful. Ty.

Hi I added all the known nodes. I still lose my synch all throughout the day. Very frustrating. Any thoughts would be great. Ty.

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I’ve been having much better luck periodically using to connect to peers.

I would also try the pre-release build of chia. I’ve been running it with now sync issues. Cant really confirm my farming is valid, But its better then the full week I was not synced.

I hope they have an official update on the horizon. I still have one box that will not completely sync.

Same problem, anytime I start plotting in parallel with 2+ plots.
Thought maybe my old hardware was throttling it.
Moved the full node to a less old machine, and was able to plot in parallel on the old hardware no problem!
But as soon as i started plotting in parallel on the less old machine, right back to sync issues.