CAT Hash for TAIL database


I’ve been trying to add my cat token to the tail database website, and they ask me the HASH, I’m not sure what data exactly I need to put there, and I prefer not to make mistakes, so anyone knows what HASH they are referring to?


Perhaps they are seeking the secure hash algorithm (SHA-1, SHA-256, etc)?

It would be the site’s way to confirm that they received the right upload, down to each bit.

The example in the linked video took a fair amount of time, because it was using a 3GB+ size file as the source for generating the hashes. Otherwise, it is a fast process.

That program is available here:

(you will need to scroll down and search for the two “download” locations).

There are likely loads of other programs that offer similar hashing operations.

thanks I think the hash is related to the coin creation or the coin id but I don’t know what they are asking exactly?

Hi, it’s the “Asset ID” of your newly created coin, you can easily grab that from your wallet

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Thanks, so basically they ask the add is 2 times.

not double

“Hash” is the Asset ID

“CAT Coin ID” is the coin ID of any coin of that CAT you are submitting which is required in order for the taildatabase to be able to find the original eve coin which contains the tail reveal. Submitting the CAT’s Eve coin ID directly here works as well.

Thanks again but I’m not sure where to find the EVE ID ?

The easiest is to look up any random transaction of your CAT on a blockchain explorer for example<YOUR_ASSET_ID_HERE> then take ANY transaction, copy paste the coin’s ID (a.k.a. coin name) of that transaction, done!

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Thanks a lot really very helpful

I also talked to Freddie today. He just changed the form, and renamed “Hash” into “Asset ID” … that might help future users a bit.


Just added my asset to the tail database, I hope it will be visible soon