Causes for a plot failure?

Hi guys,

In the last hour, 2 plots became bad. What could be the main reason causing bad plots? Isn’t it for a lifetime?

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I am unclear on this myself…

One source of bad plots is unstable system. Have you

  • run memtest to make sure memory is OK
  • run prime95 / mprime overnight to make sure CPU is OK
  • checked SMART data and run basic disk checks to make sure disks are OK

I ran chia plots test and the file sounds fine. I will try what you said.

Can you explain what you mean by 2 plots became bad?

2 .plot files are in the “bad section” of the GUI.

I’ve had plenty of them show up in that section when I was moving plots around.

Did you check the actual plot files using the chia plots check command?

I don’t know how to read the output for plot check. I need to study more. I got some scores 1, other 0,8, others 1,2… and so on. No ERROS or WARNINGS. Only INFO in the output.

Then those plots are fine :+1:

Sounds like good but they are not being harvested…

The debug.log shows 1 less plot than the actual number in directory.

Did you make a k25 plot by accident? Those are only for testing purposes.


No. K32 actually. If I shutdown everything and put it running again solves the problem. The problem is to keep checking it all the time and the frequently stop-and-go in the harvesting.

That is really odd behavior, I wonder what is actually going on.