Censorship? Forum post unlisted without explanation

Yesterday, I came across an interesting thread on the forums where a small miner was talking about joining hpool. The OP made some comments about how official Chia employees were making flippant comments to people seeking support in the #support channel on Keybase.

I replied to the comment with my own observations that collaborate what the OP has experienced.

Today, I come back to that post, and find that it was closed and unlisted without any explanation.

I would like to ask:

  1. Why was the thread locked and unlisted?

  2. Is the Keybase chat moderator who DM’d (and then deleted) insults to me (something about sticking something up my a**) also a moderator on ChiaForum.com?

I have been in the cryptocurrency space for nearly a decade now, and I’ve never ever experienced such unprofessional and hostile behavior from a development team. While this forum is not Keybase, I think it does concerns Chia the project, and I find very concerning that discussions seem to be deleted on alternate communications channels.

I would like to ask for an explanation. If the same moderator who was insulting me on Keybase was also the one unlisted the thread on chiaforum.com, I think an apology is called for, and perhaps the owners of this forum should re-evaluate who is part of the moderation team.


Oh did that topic get removed @dchuk? That’s too bad because I thought it was an interesting one and made some good points.

But basically, you should wait for the official pools. The weird thing hpool is doing is not healthy in the long run.


I did not lock nor unlist the thread. I’ll take a look at the logs later today


I relisted it, but will leave it locked


Thanks to @dchuk for investigating and @boba_and_chia for bringing this up! That’s how a healthy community works… thank you both.


May I ask if there are any further details on this? I feel like there is perhaps a conflation here around hpool being ill-advised, keybase mod behaviour, and locking / delisting policies here. As a neutral observer who hadn’t seen that thread until now or been aware of the keybase banning, I have to say I didn’t feel like there was much clarity brought to @boba_and_chia ‘s questions, which seem exceedingly reasonable.