CH21 Token - CAT1 > CAT2?

Hello all,

Perhaps I’m behind the curve a bit as I haven’t had much in the way of Chia-Time over the last few months…

I have some CH21 tokens - as I understand it, these are(/were) CAT1 standard.

I sent some to a different (cold) wallet address but they don’t appear in my 1.61 cold wallet node. They do appear on the blockchain however at my receive address.

Is there anything I can/need to do to convert them to CAT2 standard ?

I’m pretty sure they pulled the CAT1 versions of those and reissued them in CAT2. So if you are looking for the original, it shouldn’t be there. They would have reissued the CAT2 version to the original address.

Thanks. My CH21 were visible in my 1.4.0 wallet, I sent them to a different address with a wallet running 1.6.1. says they have been received at my 1.6.1 address, but says they’re CAT1 standard.

I think I read that only 1.5.0 or later shows CAT2’s in the wallet, so I may have to upgrade my wallet 1.4.0 → latest to see them air-dropped as CAT2’s.

Another job on the list…