Change or check pool payout target

I thought there was already some topic about this, but can’t find it, sorry if this is double.

From what I understand, you can change the payout address of a NFT in the Config file by altering the puzzle hash of payout_instructions.

I had a look and a saw that each of my 3 NFT’s has it’s own payout_instruction.
Now only one of those three corresponds to the receive address in my wallet, so this leaves me with questions:

  1. Where do the other two address come from?
  2. Are they receive addresses of the same wallet? And if so how can I verify this, only got one receive address in the GUI and never created another one.

All three NFT make on the same machine with only one pvt key ever installed. All three are currently pointed at a pool.

This are the two existing threads:

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Thanks, guess I misspelled something in my search :sweat_smile:

If you created the NFTs, those are probably different addresses for the same wallet. I don’t actually know how to validate that yet. It’s in the Python code because at startup it will warn you if your farmer payout address isn’t in the first 50 wallet addresses.

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