Change pool during the NFT Plotts ordered

I have connected to one pool on a trial basis and am currently leaning towards another (better support, larger community…).

However, I have still ordered plots, as I don’t have the resources to plot plots.
Can I now change the pool and reassign the new plots afterwards?

As I understand the pooling, it should work, but the plots are not automatically included in the pool, but have to be assigned.

Am I correct with this information?

Once you get the plots, go into the pool menu and click change pool. Enter in the new pool info and they will be assigned to the new pool. You cannot do it before then. You have to wait.

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I don’t see why it would not work.

If those plots are being plotted with the same NFT, you can just switch whenever you want.

As soon as you copy the plots to a directory where you are farming from they should be added to the pool.
Although sometimes pressing the refresh button is required.

Whether you are plotting yourself, or someone else is plotting for you, as long as they have the same NFT and farmer key as your pvt key, it should work fine.

I basically do the same thing, but just between two local machines.


If you have portable plots (those created by chia 1.2.0) then you can create a NFT (which is like a permanent directory for plots) and assign them to a pool.