Change Pool Plots


I am currently testing the pooling on the 1.1.797 Version. I have plotted some poolable plots for testing purposes. I run to computers with two full nodes (by one of them UPNP is disabled, this setup worked fine).

I have joined a pool on one computer but the pool does not show up on the other one, I was not thinking anything was wrong. And so I plotted some, these worked fine. Now I wanted to join a pool on the second computer. This worked fine as well but this the the pool also shows up in the other computer. So know I have two NFTs in one of the computers. And know I want to move all the plots that a have done to this pool that shows up at both computers. But I cant find a way how I can delete a NFT or assign plots to a pool. I want to make this so that al my plots are managed from one Launcher Id, so that everythink is better to handle for me.

Is this feature coming or am I just blind.


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This is difficult to answer, because if you ask Chia, they would say that nothing is ready yet.

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Yes I know that it is still a test version, I just want to test and see how it is working and set up ervery think.

And I was wondering if anybody had experience with that.

Having similar problem so bump and up

NFTs info are saved in the blockchain. So if you have two computers with the same wallet key (mnemonic) the NFT you create in one computer will also appear in the other as both have the same key.

There is no delete NFT. Can you delete blocks in the blockchain? You can’t at the moment.