Change Self Pooling abck to Space Pool

Probably an easy answer but I have wasted a bit of time today on this.
I have 2 farmers in different locations farming plots on the same keys using gigahorse.

I thought I would change 1 to selfpooling not realising both machines would go back to selfpooling.

I know how to change pool in the Pooling GUI but all my plots are still listed as self pooling.


How do tell the GIU to stop self pooling and use all the plots in one of the plot nft I have listed.



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Think I solved it. Issue is a bug in Chia 1.8, resolved by going to 1.8.1.

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Ppl reported deleting db helps ( wallet only )

Its all good now, in 1.8 the change button on self pooling does nothing. 1.8.1 let me change back to space.