Changed payout address to another wallet not working

Hi there,
I have two Chia Wallets (different keys on each computer).

I changed PAYOUT ADDRESS in the POOL options - inserted RECEIVE ADDRESS of another “cold” wallet that I created on another machine.
However, the incoming transactions are still not going to the “cold” wallet one.

What am I doing wrong?

Depending on the pool there are two mechanisms for updating pay-out address.
One (for instance The pool takes and updates the pay-out address from a 5 minute periodic message from your client to the pool. So automatic change within 5 minutes.
Two (for instance Space Pool): the pool takes initial pay-out address from the pay-out address in the Pool PlotNFT, but require to login on your account page by means of the one-time pool login link to change pay-out address there. You can create a pool login link from the three vertical dots in the Pool PlotNFT section.


Thanks man. I am using Space Pool.
I would never think about this POOL LOGIN LINK. I will try that way. I was directly changing Payout Address through “Edit Payout Instructions”

Yes, that works fine for some other pools but Space does it somewhat different. Safer I think but you have to do something extra.

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It’s working fine (Space Pool), just received 0.01.

Thanks a lot!