Changing payout_instructions in a pool

Hey @Chris22 hope you can help.

Is the payout_instructions really all you have to go on for identifying an account? I set my NFT up directly with flex pool when it was created, but I’m now updating payout_instructions to the puzzle hash for my cold wallet. Does that mean I’m leaving my previous rewards behind?

Seems like I had to leave (to SELF_POOLING), and rejoin (waiting for the cool down now). Launcher ID won’t have changed (I don’t think).

You farm to a wallet address so if you change the wallet address in the config file you begin farming to a different one.

This allows you to change the wallet address on multiple farmers to the same one so they all appear on the same page.

There are a lot of legal consequences to having farmers register on our website so the anonymous farm to a wallet system works better and will be familiar to eth miners.

I don’t follow. It’s the same NFT, I’ve just changed the payout_instructions the farmer/wallet/plots/nft are all the same, but I want the payout sent to my cold wallet, instead of the default which is the wallet creating the NFT. This seems to be at the edge of what Chia team anticipated, and isn’t supported by the CLI, since there’s not even options to provide the payout address.

There’s an option to see the payout address and a config file to change the wallet. Give me a minute to find the instructions.

pool → pool_list → payout_instructions

and then you’ll see it in puzzle hash format. Then you need to use chia explorer’s puzzle hash converter.

Oh wait I think I misunderstood you. Yes your wallet is tied to that worker page, we can transfer it manually but its quite a bit of work so unless its a significant amount we’d prefer not to.

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Good to know it’s possible. 4 plots for 12 hours isn’t a significant ballance :slight_smile: I was happy something showed up though. Hopefully the new one has points by the morning.

The new join transaction just Confirmed.

Thanks for your help and information.

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Thanks, I’ve followed these instructions however the Payout address displayed when I run chia plotnft show is incorrect


Address: xch1z70hq4lau3v5d7gvmftngu4qra7ykrrk9tfg3swpsj72da7dqa5stckpyy
Puzzle hash: 0x179f7057fde45946f90cda573472a01f7c4b0c762ad288c1c184bca6f7cd0769

When I run chia plotnft show after updating config.yaml with the new puzzle hash

Payout instructions (pool will pay you with this): 10684899568559037641142085619256379806150429458896608936244040366587613349737

This seems incorrect. Any ideas?

Edit: I’ve found the issue - I needed to remove the ‘0x’ prefix from the puzzle hash in the config.yaml

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Yes I found and followed that. This thread is “then what?”. Specifically on flex, when I was already joined.

Some really random Chia bugs.

When you close Chia GUI, change the wallet address or add a HDD directory, save close the config.

Now open Chia, every part of the GUI keeps circling forever. Delete config, reinstall Chia, your pool data is no longer there even when fully synced.

In these scenarios, better to receive funds directly and transfer it manually.

I haven’t opened the GUI since about day 2 on my chia journey. X isn’t even running on my full node now, (nor my plotters).

If chia can’t manage to pay the address you tell it to, why are we all even here?

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Learned helplessness; Cult reactions; Patty Hearst Syndrome; Stockholme Syndrome;

U can enter Hotel Chia, but U can never leave.

Chia is like investing in an abusive relationship, … why didnt’ they just leave? The longer you invest your time the harder it is to leave, the reason for all the re-plots, new versions, have more bugs than prior versions; Destroyed NVME’s, SSD’s, $$$ & time, harder to leave, put up with more problems, until you become a defender of the cult.

Who said u could leave?

Misery loves company is the best way to explain Chia, which is why so many did leave months ago. Now only the vulnerable remain.

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Cool story bro! … … …

Thanks for this, I was unclear about the method for a couple hours, as other instructions seem to have missed this important step

or the official way…find the launcher ID with chia plotnft show

chia plotnft change_payout_instructions -l LAUNCHER ID -a NEW_ADDRESS in xch format