Changing pool protocol receive wallet address?

With new Pool protocol… I can’t find where to change address where the Pool is sending my rewards… is it fixed in place or I can change that receiving address?

I can change my receive address when I win the block (“First wallet address:”) in GUI and in config.ymal (the address that I get 2XCH when I win block soloFarming and 0.25XCH when pooling) but I don’t find where can I change the address that I’m receiving my partial reward from Pool, the “Payout instructions (pool will pay to this address):” address that I get when running command “.\chia plotnft show”.

Is there a way to change that address and how?

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Below has the info you’re looking for. Myself I’m still a bit confused as to how the address you change in your local config get’s updated to the pool and how to avoid losing any balance already accumulated with the pool

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An address is an address it should be a cold storage address you made off line.

It’s always kept in config.yaml in the config path of the ~/.chia root

Just open with editor and search ‘target’ there are two target addresses one for solo one for pool, I would make sure that both are your cold storage address that only u know the keys;

Quite often by default the config.yaml file is kept in the source chain, when you say ‘chia init’ it just copys the base file to the .chia/config path, problem is often the dev’s leave the default to their personal address, this is a common scam of chia

So never take for granted that your target payout addresses are to you, trust nobody verify all

Cmd-Line is for checking is “Chia keys show”, but its always best to edit the config.yaml yourself, and verify there are no addresses in there that don’t belong to you.

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Yes, I’m puzzled too.
I would expect this target of payoff to be as simple as the usual "xch_target_address: " and changing it would be also simple enough.

But this “Payout instructions (pool will pay to this address):” address I can’t find anywhere, nor instructions how to change it. Maybe I should post this question as a request on GitHub. Maybe during Pool protocol development they did not had the time to figure out how to make it “user understandable” or I’m just one of those noob users :slight_smile:

For now everything goes to my Hot address

There are currently 2 pull requests on the blockchain github for doing exactly what you want. I believe changing the puzzlehash then joining a pool is currently a workaround, but have not tested it myself (nor do I care to, you can manually transfer your pennies to the cold wallet)


It’s in you config.yaml file
Note that this is a puzzle hash, so to change it to a new one, you first nee to convert the wallet address to puzzle hash before pasting it there.
One of the pool operators said this will most likely sow up in the next version of the GUI


Thx for answers. I understood.
I wait for new version :slight_smile:

Yes it is ok to manually transfer small amounts but still, this seems to me like one of basic functionalities.

Here is you solution:

It work for official pools and self pooling wit plot NFTs.

You can now do chia plotnft change_payout_instructions