Changing pool while plotting, singleton changes?


Plotting with CLI the tools need the singleton address, contract is of the pool. My Full Node has already thousand pool plots showing correctly. Additional PC are plotting with the current contract Id.
Now I select a new pool to join while the other nodes create plots with the old contract Id. How does this work? Do I need to pause the plotting process until the pool change is complete and I get the new contract Id?

The pool contract address isn’t tied to the pool, it is tied to the plotnft.

The plotnft changes pools, but the pool contract address doesn’t change.

And so the plots you have made and are in the process of making dont change because they belong to the plotnft, not the pool.

Then whatever new pool you join, the plots you made for that plotnft joins the pool with it.

Sorry, i still do not understand. I put with -c the contract id to the plotting process.
now i change the pool - the remaining quue is then still created with the old contract ID, right ? But they still work ?
or do i have 1 contract ID per NFT and i change that to the new pool and the contract ID stays same ?

You can use the same -c forever. It doesn’t matter what pool you want to join. You can change the pool whenever you want or even self-pooling (solo) at any time.

The only time when you need to use another -c is when you want to pool at 2 different pools at the same time.

Thanks . so my fault was to click on add pool NFT instead of klicking on change and enter the new pool address. Doing it correct, i will be the same contract id all time.

Yes, your contract ID will always be yours no matter what pool you join. You only need 1 contract ID if you’re going to join no more than 1 pool at the same time.