Cheap 128tb drives, is it real?

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Doesn’t really seem it’s possible and yet let me ask, WTF is this?


It is a scam.

They program the drive to report any size capacity they choose, and the drive reports that BS size to the OS. When you check the drive’s properties, the OS reports it with the bogus value.

The scammer often get away with it, because most(?) people do not try to write TBs and TBs of data to it.

If the day comes, where people eventually write beyond the SSD’s actual capacity, the refund return window will be gone, and the customer gets stuck with the drive.

Also, since the OS thinks that there is still space, after there is no more space, file corruption occurs. But the customer might not notice. So basic testing might make it appear as if your 500 GB file copy worked. How many people would do a Linux “diff” or Windows “fc”, or compare SHA hash results between the source file and the copy made to the SSD?

Those drives often have micro SD chips, within, that might have as much as 32 GB of actual storage space.


That’s called “too good to be true”. :joy: :joy:


I see, well thank you for clarification ! :love_you_gesture:

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i know right? And yet what if … :upside_down_face:

You can get 100TB SSD’s, but be prepared to pay serious money for them, the 50TB is more reasonable but still costs enough to buy a decent second hand car.

Scroll down to the specs, they state 256MB, with a confusing “240G” in the box next, total scam.

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I bought one and computers shows 128TB but it does not work so i open it and there was 56GB memorycard inside thats all. So dont buy.

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It WAS a scam, the page no longer exists.