Cheap 138TB Farm 2 x 2 TB M.2 NVME for sale (USD$6500) Price revised

138TB of farm for sale.

8 x 16TB seagate external (1176 plots)

2 x 5TB seagate portable external (Non Plotted)

2 x 2TB M.2 Nvme XPG SX8200pro SSD (2 months old) Still got plenty on mileage on it.

1 Acasis 13 port USB 3.0 port hub.

Interested PM me.

Account 24 word seed phrase will be given.

Will help you setup Hpool Via Teamviewer if you dont already have Hpool setup.

Qn) Can you use more than 1 account on Hpool miner?
Ans) Yes. You just need to link it to Hpool miner.

Currently farming Hpool / Flax / Chaingreen.
Chaingreen: 5000 coins as of now. (solo)
Flax: 8 coins (solo)

I will DHL or any courier service to your country.

I think your price is a little steep bro. I’m trying to sell my 150TB farm (with NVMes and USB hubs thrown in) for less than half that amount and no interest at all.

How come you’re selling if you don’t mind me asking?

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Wanna funnel funds elsewhere.

Also, mine is 2 X 2 TB bro.

You are undercutting for whichever reason doesnt mean that my price is steep.

Pros and cons. Your 150TB have so many HDD’s. Takes up so much space. You should know better that 16TB asides from saving space is also pricier.

So please dont compare apple to orange.

Or try to get attention to your post.
Your post:
Selling my entire CHIA farm of 150TB worth of plots. All hardware is less than 2 months old except for the WD 18TB drive which was bough slightly earlier in April!

You will also get the CHIA keys and can start farming straight away!

Current plot total is 1358 but will reach 1500 in 2-3 days.

Original boxes of all items are still available.

Looking to sell entire farm for £3800 or nearest offer.


9 X Seagate Desktop, 8 TB, External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0
4 X Seagate Expansion Desktop 6 TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0
1 X Seagate Backup Plus Hub 10 TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD
4 X Seagate One Touch, Portable External Hard Drive, 5TB
1 X WD 6 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0
1 X WD 18 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0
2 X Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox, 8 TB, External Hard Drive Desktop HDD

2 X Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 Internal
2 X Powered USB 3.0 Hub RSHTECH Aluminum 10 Port USB 3.0 Data Hub with 12V/3A
1 X USB Hub Powered RSHTECH 7 Port USB 3.0 Data Hub Aluminum USB Extension Splitter

22 USB? + 3 hubs ? This is such a mess.

Vs my 8 HDD + 2 Mini portable and 1 hub and 2 x 2TB NVME?

Wow!! Chill bro no malice intended.

Draw attention to my post?! Seriously?

Good luck and have a great day!

It’s still expensive.

Say everything but the drives is worth 1000USD (generous)

9000 USD / 138 TB = 65 USD/TB

I don’t know about the US, but in the UK I can get new, warrantied 16TB external drives for the equivalent of 30USD/TB, and 8TB external drives for around 15USD/TB which is better value for money even including the cost of connecting twice as many drives.

Many here, myself included consider plots made with someone else’s key pretty much worthless, with pools incoming most people are going to want to move to those, so this is a poor value proposition.

Of course, you can post it, ask whatever price you want, but don’t expect much interest.


That is WAY too much. I just added 360TB of storage to my farm for less than that. Who cares that you have plots on it. The only thing worth value is the storage and it isn’t worth $10k. But hey, there is a sucker for every deal. Good luck.


good luck lmao. If you sell it, let me know who it is… I have a bridge I will sell them.

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I’d say he got some attention for his post given that you reposted it verbatim. Good luck to you both.

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You can buy brand new 16TB drives on amazon for less than half of what you’re asking… the worn down NVMEs aren’t worth much especially for the 2TB drives.

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Will buy the 16TB disks for 280euro a piece.

But why? you get the from Amazon for €319

Just being constructive, I spent the same amount on my rig and you can now buy it for 50% less brand new. The market will bear what the market will bear. I wish you luck, but at the new prices for new gear currently, you will have to price adjust. IMHO. Also, external drives can be a pain for someone if they do not have the physical space. Mine is all in one big ass case.

So if somebody buys qty 8 of these for $2712.00 144tb before formatting of course.