Cheap 2tb USB Pen Drives for farming

A large capacity USB thumb drive is 2TB which costs around 25$ / 30€.

Why people are not using them? What is the negative side of them not to use for farming storage?

you must watch this @CalebCurry video:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Really? Oh well!!

Yes, the speeds on usb pen / thumb drives are usually quite poor as well, even from name brands, at actual rated capacity. Check the specs and check actual benchmarks.


All right then: :slight_smile: *

I ordered one 2TB thumb drive last night for 14€, will be delivered today.
I’ll make a check/test. Reformat, benchmark and maybe copy 1 plot to it. If it works, I’ll fill it up with the new pool-able plots.
The problem of these usb pen / thumb drives is that, in some underground Asian markets, you would find drives like these even marked with 14TB, 16TB… for like 5 bucks or so. “Wow, no way!” Right?*

You bring one home and stick it to your PC, surprise! It shows 14TB, 16TB. So where is the problem then?

Well, soft cell manipulation! They took any usb drive, 2GB, 4GB… whatever you want and manipulated it to communicate with operating systems.
Would a file of 1TB fit on it? Well, no!

After all, I’ll check mine and maybe leave a note here.


Just received it… (2TB, 14 euros)
I’ll have a good look at it…

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wow! you definitely like gambling. :laughing:

These cheap 1TB+ flash drives never have the advertised capacity. They’ve reprogrammed the flash controller to show sectors that don’t actually exist. Writes to these sectors are just dropped. There’s a similar scam with SD cards that bunnie wrote about a few (10!) years ago.

There are reputable vendors selling 1TB USB flash drives now, but they’re almost double the price per TB of a SATA SSD and never as fast.


We all are already in the gambling.

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that’s right! :laughing:

PS. I really wanna see how you manage to fit one single usable plot into this drive.

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The interface is usb 2, the speed would be the same either using usb 3 or usb 2 port. To copy 1 full plot (101Gib), it takes just under 3 hours.

Not a good drive to set as “final” drive. You better copy one after another manually. After all, 2TB 14 euros is not a bad deal.

please, try to copy one plot there (108gb) not one 2gb file, then we talk…

in the video i sent you it’s perfectly explained what happens with those drives, also @synack made a pretty clear explanation.

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OK, I’ll try

I mean, if this thing works, then it’s 100 euros / 13TB, man… lol

The deceptive part is that they usually CLAIM to take the file when you copy, but existing space is overwritten again and again - if you write something small - say a few GB all is good and it works - until you write more and it eventually overwrites and fucks your older data .

With a plot it will not work but it is not terminal. The problem is if that is essential data that you just threw in the bin

Save yourself the trouble and bin it now …

let him try, so he learns the hard way…

he was warned that it was a waste of money but he still bought it lol

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Love the 3D WordArt on the packaging!

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Wait this out

I went to my plotter (located elsewhere) and plugged that USB in. Copying takes a couple of hours… so I’ll check that virtual plotter tonight or tomorrow.

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