[cheap ?] Space For Rent Price Included Xeon Workstation 128GB RAM and 1 freelance, space size: 96sq / 129sq / 172sq

Hello I want to rent out my space,
the 1st renter will get free monthly rent of :

  • 1 workstation with intel E5-2690 x 2 CPU (40 Threads) 128GB RAM, SSD Samsung 860 500GB
  • 1 freelance. (work hours, ready for training, already farming, plotting chia)

The space available are:

  • location 1
    2 room around 9m2 or 96sq
    1 room around 16m2 or 172sq
  • location 2
    1 room around 12m2 or 129sq

each room monthly price is 1000 USD accepting only in xch or btc minimum rent is 1 room, I’m expecting this price is cheap but if it’s not cheap enough, you can pm me about the price.

What about power on UPS etc?

no UPS but if need any i can set them up

as for power line the cables are capable of 30KWH if it’s not enough i can change the power line cable too