Cheat with plot duplication for different keys

Guys, so, hpool plotter can create plots without key binding (key can be assigned later). So, is it possible to plot 1 plot, copy paste it 10 times, create 10 wallets, and enrich each of this copy by this private key? If so - my chances to pass filter increases a lot. Does anybody use this lifehack?

(Maybe) Detection: this plot is already used with a key, try another one… lol

Sounds like something a less than honest PaaS could use… but then there are probably easier ways for those services to rip off users.

It’s not possible to alter a plot once it’s finished. That’s why the upcoming pool protocol requires everyone to replot to use for pools.
If you’re referring to the signing process of hpool, that’s just adding the key to those plots to their system.

Is it possible to cheat hpool? yes they’re having many problems with it because they have no solid way of verifying plot validity.

@Voodoo have you ever used hpool plotter? Because your message looks like nonsense. Maybe you haven’t understand my question?

@Voodoo I’ll explain to you in details, to make it clear: it’s possible to create a plot without key. And it’s possible to attach the key later. And it’s impossible to retract/replace key (if plot already enriched by key). So key can be attached only once.
Hope it became more clear to you.

could this method be used to plot blank plots which could later be used for the upcoming pools?

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No I didn’t use the hpool plotter yet but I’ll try it out to find out what it is exactly that you mean.
The fact remains that any plot that is actually usable in the chia chain to farm, cannot be altered anymore.

But back to the original point. If it was that easy to cheat, then their pool power would be around 20.0000 ZiB by now, so my guess is that this method won’t work

@JonBoyCrypto If the Chia dev team cannot figure out a way to to make old plots work for the new pools, I doubt this method will work.

but from what is being said, these are not “old” plots. they are “new and as yet unassigned with any keys” plots. that is very different…

I understand what you are asking. Here is my take. That plot will be available to the first signer. If you make copies of that plot and sign them with different keys, the data will be the same. So, to keep with the bingo comparison, many people will have the same bingo card.

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ok well still haven’t looked at the hpool plotter, but a few things.

first, let’s not forget, if it is possible or not. It is fraude to do so, and stealing from the other pool members, so please don’t :+1:

If you double farm with this method, at the very least it will be discovered when one of those plots wins a block, and then you get banned. Maybe they also have other ways of detecting it sooner.

The new pool keys uses a different flag and method than the old pool keys so I highly doubt it will work. You could try, because it won’t break the plots anyway. But until you get your new pool key, you also cannot farm with them I guess.

hpool’s plotter still needs keys to plot. if you open the bat file associated with their plotter it has the command line commands. There is no ‘adding a key to a blank plot’

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