Check if i have duplicate plots

I wanted check if I have duplicate plots and I used this comand as is reported on CLI Commands Reference:
./chia plots check -l -n 0
the result is:
2021-06-21T20:28:24.591 chia.plotting.check_plots : WARNING Not opening plot files
2021-06-21T20:28:24.592 chia.plotting.check_plots : WARNING Checking for duplicate Plot IDs
2021-06-21T20:28:24.593 chia.plotting.check_plots : INFO Plot filenames expected to end with -[64 char plot ID].plot

I dont understand the meaning of the result, that means no duplicate in my folder?
Thank you

check your chia config.yaml if all the folders/paths are correctly listed

I think it should say “no duplicates found”

In my config.yaml I dont find my final folder plot, are you sure about that?
Did yuo try to use that comand?

your config.yaml should have a list of all the paths where your plots are.
That’s what the chia plots check uses to know where to look for plots.

I just checked, No it doesn’t say anything if it does not find duplicates.

You can easily check if the command works properly, just copy one plot to another folder and see if it gets detected

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Omg I am sorry yes i have my direcotory in the config file :blush:

So your result is same the mine it does not show “no duplicates found”?

That’s correct

I am using Czkawka.

thank you for your suggestion but personally I prefer install other software less possible.
however is it reliable?

I only use it to compare between plot file names. It works really fast and in GUI so it’s very easy to use for me.

The only downside for me is that it requires me to bind mounting the volume (farming HDD) to one of the folder in my home directory. But that is a limitation of the Snap app though.