Check if upnp is working

How can I make sure that the upnp is working? I’m running multiple computers with chia with upnp turned off in config.yaml. Only 1 computer has it on. But how can I check that it communicates with network correctly and have a chance of winning? I’m on Ubuntu.

What happens if I run 2 chias both with upnp on? Are connections to both messed up or which one would be still working?

Isn’t it better to just redirect ports on the router instead? - and then how can I check that that is working?

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Log into the router’s web admin. If upnp is working correctly you should see that port 8444 has been opened up right there in the router’s web. Might have to look under the “advanced” tab (depends on your router’s model).

Yes, personally I prefer to disable upnp on everything and set up the port-forwarding myself. I use the DHCP config on the router to give my node a stable internal ip address based on its mac adddress (e.g., and then setup the port forwarding to send port 8444 through to that ip.

Another way to check if it’s working:

  1. Figure out your public IP address.
  2. ssh into a computer somewhere else on the internet.
  3. From that computer type: “nc -vvv <your-public-ip-address> 8444
  4. Type some random words into the blank space. Press enter a few times.
  5. Hopefully “nc” will say something like “Connection to ( 8444 port [tcp/http] succeeded!”
  6. Check in your chia logs to see what it thought about this!

Thank you. I already had a static IP assigned to the computer with chia. I found the upnp section on my router and indeed there was the external and internal port 8444 directed to that computer.

I decide to do port forwarding manually:

  1. I changed the upnp in config.yaml to off

  2. turned off and back on the upnp functionality on the router to flush those connections

  3. manually forwarded the port 8444 to the chia computer static IP

  4. checked with the Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router . I pinged my public IP with the port 8444 and it says that the port is open.
    And if it is open from internet it means that with those settings it must be going to the chia computer and it is receiving it, right?

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