Check plots by pool with CLI?

The GUI shows how many plots one pool has, but I can’t find the information in the CLI. Is there a way to check it?

It’s currently not possible with the CLI, unless you do the chia plots check and see whether which one of them has a pool contact address. Of cause, you will have to count the number of the NFT plots and the addresses yourself.

You can see how many plots each plotnft has in the command line with chia plotnft show. It will show you how many plots are assigned to that plotnft/wallet along with other pooling information.

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However, like @kreaninw mentioned, there is no way to do this in reverse, i.e check each plot and see which plotnft/wallet it belongs to


@uChiaFarmer Thanks for the correct answer.

It seems Chia’s client needs to be updated to version 1.2.2 or above (according to issue # 7652) in order to show the number of plots participated in each pool when running chia plotnft show.

I think this was added with version 1.2.3. When I was looking for it I was on 1.2.2 and didn’t see the number of plots anywhere.

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Yeah? I am also on 1.2.3.
I just happened to see this stat while looking at my own plotnft’s and remembered your post/question. :sunglasses:

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In my case, I have some OG plots, then I started making pool plots, but I managed to mix them up. Here’s a command I used to figure out which were which:

find /farm -name "*.plot" -printf "%p\t" -exec sh -c "chia plots check -g {} -n 1 2>&1 | grep 'Pool public key:' | sed 's/.*Pool public key: \(.*\)$/\1/'" \; > pool_plots.txt &

Replace the initial argument for find with the root directory your plot files are in. The output file pool_plots.txt will contain the full filename of the plot followed by tab followed by the pool public key. Counter-intuitively, this should be your own pool public key for your OG plots, and ‘None’ for your new pool plots. If you have more than one NFT, then this won’t help you distinguish between them. Replace the %p with %f in the printf statement if you only want the plot filenames instead of their full paths.

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