Check status of Plot on CLI


Ive installed Ubuntu Server & Chia, mounted SSD & HDD to /mnt/ssd & /mnt/hdd (for plot and farm)

Generated a key

Then i started my first plot with:
chia plots create -k 32 -b 6000 -t /mnt/ssd -d /mnt/hdd

I saw it chugging along just fine and the logged out of my Terminal Window.

Bucket 0 uniform sort. Ram: 5.800GiB, u_sort min: 1.125GiB, qs min: 0.281GiB. etc

How do i check its progress please?

Ive tried this:

(venv) myusername@chia:~/chia-blockchain$ chia farm summary
Connection error. Check if wallet is running at 9256
Connection error. Check if harvester is running at 8560
Connection error. Check if full node is running at 8555
Connection error. Check if farmer is running at 8559
Farming status: Not available
Total chia farmed: Unknown
User transaction fees: Unknown
Block rewards: Unknown
Last height farmed: Unknown
Plot count: Unknown
Total size of plots: Unknown
Estimated network space: Unknown
Expected time to win: Unknown

Note: log into your key using 'chia wallet show' to see rewards for each key
(venv) myusername@chia:~/chia-blockchain$ chia wallet show
Connection error. Check if wallet is running at 9256

If you log out of your terminal the command stops plotting.

You have to leave it open, or learn to use screen, nohup, or similar tool.

Also check out plotman: GitHub - ericaltendorf/plotman: Chia plotting manager


Thanks again. I’ve been using screen.

So I type screen followed by my command

When I log back in via SSH, then I type
screen -ls
Which lists the screens

Then screen -r xxxxx
Where xxxxx is the process number from the -ls command

Works a treat.


This helps decide the options:

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