Checking balance in cold wallet without keys?

Like most I have all my Chia in a cold wallet. I generally farm via a pool & all payouts go to my cold wallet.

Unfortunately I have multiple addresses associated with my cold wallet & so to check the total balance of XCH, I have to put in all the addresses (at least those I can remember!) into chia explorer etc

Yes, I could input my seed phrase periodically, check & then delete the keys again but it probably defeats the purpose of keeping things as secure as possible

Is there an easy way to check how many chia there are in a cold wallet?

If you are okay with consolidating all your XCH into one address then you could warm up your cold wallet once to transfer everything to a new cold wallet address and use only this new address for payments from now on.

Alternatively, if all your addresses are observer derived (in v1.3 or later) then there will be an official read-only wallet available (no ETA) where you can enter your master public key to safely view the combined balance of all observer derived addresses in one place.

If some or all of your addresses are not already observer derived then it is a good idea to perform the first option above to an observer derived address which will be ready for when the read-only wallet is available.

To check whether an address is observer derived (only v1.3 or later):

chia keys derive wallet-address -n 20

or not:

chia keys derive wallet-address -n 20 -d

For cold wallets, the above commands should of course be only performed on an airgapped offline machine.


If you use farmr, you can add cold wallet addresses in the settings .

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Or you could script it with a relatively simple batch/powershell (Windows) script using the api;