Checking harvesting/farming setup


Was hoping to check how I have setup my system is correct

Main node - GUI open, with plots running through CLI
Shows as farming and synced with port 8444 open
(havent set it as a main node in cli other than doing plots in cli I have literally just opened GUI with 24 word phrase in)

Harvesters - Running plots through cli and harvester started in cli
Main node sees the plots in last proof attempt

So all seems to be working ok? Debug for both seems to look like all is connected.

Few questions though:
Main Node randomly looses sync or GUI will start just spinning on connecting to wallet. This my setup or annoying bug? Can I sync up and farm using just cli, is this better or does it still disconnect?

Can I check the plots from the harvesters? Can I only do it on the harvester or can I check them on the farm to see the actual check time after it goes through ssl?

I assume the GUI only takes into account the plots on the Farm rather than all harvesters?

Anything else I should be checking?

Sorry for all the questions! Been learning lots and have want to check I have done things right and not wasting time