Checking new plots

The harvester systematically checks the presence of new plots in the farm, after each check I get an average longer response time (even within 5 seconds)
Is it possible to disable this check? I tried in the config but without success.
Once I add a new disk I reboot the harvester directly or if there is a manual command I execute it.

I’m not sure, but is it the plot_loading_frequency_seconds setting in the config.yaml?

See this topic:

and this topic:

It is important to note that while updating your setup (to 1.2.5) the Installer will not automatically modify your config.yaml file to add the three new plots refresh parameters mentioned above, even though their (NEW) default setting will be automatically applied in the background. Therefore, after this update, without you changing any parameters, you can expect that your plots will get reloaded every 2 minutes — even if you still have a much higher number set in plot_loading_frequency_seconds — since this older parameter will be simply ignored by the new version.

The important takeaway here is that, to change this default load time after updating, you can either manually enter the new settings, or generate a new config.yaml file so that they become available. Most farmers are unfortunately unaware of this fact, so hopefully this article helps clear this up.

If you choose not to enter the new parameters manually (which would be my recommendation), you can generate a new config.yaml file having the new parameters by closing the application, removing your current config.yaml file located in the .hddcoin/mainnet/config folder

HDDcoin 1.2.5 Release – HDDcoin < forget that it says HDDcoin, read the article.

I just added these new parameter lines in my config.yaml, restarted the GUI, and it’s true, the new lines were NOT added when I upgraded. And better, they work. I changed to loading 60 at a time, for example.


unfortunately I confirm that even by setting a high value the refresh continues to take place …

Read the note on hdd coin above. There’s new names for a new set of params

What would be the reason to not have one Chia software guy spend the extra 30 minutes (including coffee break) to insert those four new lines in the old config files, and update loading frequency based on the old setting. Right now potentially hundreds of people will need to manually go through their (multiple) harvesters. It is also more error prone to let users struggle with those files.

Even in this short thread, after you posted that link, the guy is still banging on the old values.

Yeah, sounds about right (lack of any semblance of organization) :confounded:

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