Checking plots times high after winning block solo

So I don’t run any monitoring software but keep an eye on my response times.
To check if I pass a filter usually takes .5 s to 1.5 s which I’m happy with.

I just mined a block solo and within the next 1 min my response times jumped to 25 s which I’m not to happy with.

Is this just down to my node doing more around the block i mined? As the next set of times was back to normal.

Lolz! :crazy_face: If I could win a block in exchange for 1 minute of useless response times I would be overjoyed!

I think you managed to actually see an effect of winning a block. If your response times returned to normal then relax and light a cigar. :sunglasses:

This is my thinking, just nvr checked times around hitting a block before, ill have a look next time.

No big loss as it returned quickly, but best to keep an eye on these things.

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