Chia 2.0 Harvester Settings

Hi, I have a few compressed plots that I would like to farm without the use of a GPU. In the Harvester Settings, I’ve enabled compressed plot support and I also see options for Parallel Decompressor Count and Decompressor Thread Count. If my processor is a 16 core 32 threads CPU, what should my settings be?

Thank you!

What type of compress plot is it?

They are C7. I plan to get a GPU soon so using CPU is just temporary.

One other question…under Harvester, there is an option to scan recursively. This seems to work with Mount points in Windows, but not shortcuts? For example, if I have a main Chia Storage folder and inside the folder are shortcuts to other folders containing plots, the recursive option does not seem to look into the shortcuts. Is that by design? Thanks!

Just a guess, but it is probably by design.

Otherwise, if you had drive D:, and you also had drive E:, and both had shortcuts (junction points / symbolic links) to drive F:, then the appearance of multiples of the same plot directories would surface.

If allowed, your farmer would probably report duplicate plots (seeing the same plots on D: and on E: due to both having links to the same directory on F:), and that could lead to people deleting unique plots and who knows what else.

16 threads 2 compressors, or 32/1

Generally you want to crank up the threads more than the decompressor count.