Chia 2.2.1 GUI (Error)

Hey everyone I wanted to mention an issue that occurs when using Windows Chia GUI.
It may not be extremely important, but it can waste a ton of time for people whom want to schedule a ton of plots and come home to nothing plotted!

So I’ve notice in this GUI and the Last version that if you are plotting to one drive and you schedule to plot to another drive and say for instance your first drive has one plot at 90% it will lock it at 90%. The good news is you can delete it and they will all start plotting again. So you lose one compressed plot and your time plotting plus electricity of course. Not good, but it’s still operable.
Edit: I wanted to also add that another plot will start but will fail due to lack of memory if GPU Plotting.

See if you just used Gigahorse and cuda_plot_k32 you wouldn’t have this problem!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well this doesn’t help anyone though. Using Bladebit Cuda isn’t a bad thing.

I test bladebit ever release to see how it works, but they currently only go to C7. But if you want to make different plots you have to test.

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Yeah, I really wouldn’t mind getting back into linux… it’s just the time spent redoing the whole farm OS and relearning the cmd lines etc. I know linux is faster …

You don’t need to get back into Linux, you can use Windows to plot Gigahorse or Bladebit plots via the command line, its actually very easy.

Anyone using GUI to plot is wasting their time. I’m currently plotting and distributing the plots to 10 different drives, and my software deletes the old plots to make space for the new ones.

PS @drhicom uses Windows 11 to plot.