CHIA Amabassadors program - proposal -

Just wondering, I love this community learned a ton and talked to people with extensive CHIA knowledge.

Ok I know there is not an Ambassadors program for CHIA but it would be interesting if people of same country could kinda team up, gather together to share knowlegde etc.

So how I see it:

  • Per country or region a person would kinda get that title of Ambassador or whatever other title, kinda a person that organise/organize (UK/US both correct spelling) stuff, taking the lead
  • Ambassador would do some meetings even it’s at a small pub and invite other like minded chia fans from same region/country

Now this sounds fancy but I look at it as the old meetings I attented of coin collectors at various pubs, some trade/sell coins direct … Now in the case of CHIA this could be sharing knowledge , helping eachother how to , maybe also sell hardware or trade


Well first of all you get together with people interested in CHIA/XCH plotting/farming , secondary if done at well regular pubs there will always people that will ask info and so we indirectly promote CHIA also.

If this is something that fellow community members would like, we could create a topic with meetings and even with invites of pool owners to well have a drink and chit chat with us CHIA fans … or for them peons …

If you are going to do something like this, i recommend you start by building a real knowledge base so that this program operates from a shared set of information. Otherwise you will have a lot of disinformation propagated by this kind of program.


I totally agree with you that a knowledge base has to be setup. And disinformation happens always hence meetings so it can be discussed and like said above share knowledge… the ones with disinformation will prob be the ones trying to sell hardware :stuck_out_tongue: my guess

I completely agree that there should be an official Chia knowledge-base.

It would be nice to have some help and pop-ups in the GUI. How about a manual covering everything from installation to plotting to farming and more? The small guide they do provide alongside the GUI download is far from simple and far from complete.

Chia reps and devs interacting with this community would also be a huge plus.

If we had proper a proper knowledge base, documentation, interface support, and communication then we would not need Ambassadors. Since we will probably get none of these then Ambassadors or maybe just Certified Helpers or whatever would be a good idea.

You might want to open the topic in the Lounge, see who is interested, and then the group could follow itself to ensure the best group effort.

There are many knowledgeable people here and the community would benefit from us pooling our efforts.

If formed, such a group should reach out one Keybase to try and get one or two of their Chia Team to join us.

There’s already something similar chia has a China ambassador.

Chia China Ambassador? I guess he/she was just expelled! :rofl: :crazy_face: :skull: