Chia and my retirement plan

So when we’re all filthy rich.
When chia goes to the moon.
How do u plan on spending.
For what purpose do you still farm if u don’t believe?

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Chia for retirement to me is having something to do with myself to keep my mind busy. I am semi-retired already and I can only walk the dogs so much =D If it happens that I make a buck or two, all the better!

I think if the Devs actually find a way to market the blockchain and it has real world uses it will do very well. As far as I can tell no other block chain has really been used for anything very useful but it is an ever changing world, we will have to wait and see. Also, the value of a thing is worth as much as anyone is willing to pay for it. If people think it has value then it will be worth something because someone will buy it. I have a wait and see attitude about it all.

This being said, I am having fun tinkering and reading about it and that is where I find value at the moment.


Might just give it away so as to not have to deal with the taxes.

How much money do you have to give per year to become a “philanthropist” anyway?


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I’m just waiting for paper wallets so I can get a trailer in the desert and go off-grid. I see varminting and much baked beans in my future. Only half joking, I don’t like baked beans.

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don’t forget to bring you Hattori Hanzo sword!


In a way, I’m jealous of the sword guys lol. They really don’t care about societal expectations at all! Count me in :sunglasses:.

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If you are thinking about retirement, just buy ETFs…

I’ve taken a couple of days to consider this and I have decided I am happy to help you out with your tax problems and philanthropic desires… here is my address, thank you :grinning: