Chia app stucked

hi guys i did bought new pc and i installed again blockchain and i transfered my database vb. but application is stucked “starting services” anybody can help me ?

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Try a reinstall, ive also read sometimes delting .yaml fixes that, but cant verify it.

What OS ?

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Windows, i did try reisntall.

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I’d try deleting the database and wallets, restarting with your seed phrase, and letting the program run for a few minutes - then shut it all down. Copy that database back in after it’s had some time to settle in and start populating.

Which windows? Others reported same issue with 11.

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Are you sure that db is not corrupted?

What do you see in your logs (ERRORS; what level you have)? This is basically the first thing to look at, not really what the UI says.


Mine normally opens with db corruption but wont sync.

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One easy thing you can try that seems to work for me is to check the “sign on as administrator” option.