Chia as a Carbon Ledger

Did Costa Rica back out of their decision to use Chia as a carbon ledger? I don’t see any information on the Chia site about it any longer.

There is a long path between choosing to use a technology, and the finals deployment of that technology solution. Prototyping, development , implementation, validation, testing, etc.

When a client selects a piece of vendor technology to use for something, at that point the deployment and roll out is primarily in the hands of the client. As such, we have minimal control, if any, over exactly when a partner chooses to roll out and deploy a solution using our tech and aren’t able to give any specifics over when you can expect to see it usually.


Thanks for the quick response, Sargonas. Forgive me, I should have asked the question differently. Is Costa Rica still partnered with Chia?

Did you see it posted on Chia’s site before (and now it is gone)? I never saw it there but could have over looked it. There are articles on businesswire and coindesk which are sources for the Chia News page. Which does make it odd that they aren’t linked there.

There was a slide about it on the homepage for while that is no longer there. There is still a Business Wire article on Chia’s news page, its just a little buried at this point since its been a while.

The article mentioned a fund run by the World Bank to administer carbon credits, which has been supporting my hopes ever since…

No surprise if various countries are backing out a bit from crypto given the current winter climate. Hopefully summer will come in 2023.

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Said another way, some of the audience has apparently left the room. Climbing, not descending is what gives hope. Masking moments of descent? Is that what this is?