Chia auto run on win after restart

Thought this could help someone out.


That is useful indeed.

If you use the GUI, it’s much easier though to just copy the shortcut on your desktop to the startup folder…done

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The link explains how to get it to run even if your not logged in yet!
So even if you use the gui and get a crash, reboot, it’ll be up and farming.

But i still have the problem, that i need to click on my “private key”. How do i solve that? Any ideas?

Why would you need to click on your key.
I’ve not used this… but I assume it starts the cli not the gui, so there would be no key to click.

Have you tried it and it doesn’t work?

I am kinda new to this - i thought this is for the gui edition - there you have to click on your private key to start farming.

I’d like to automate this, because i am only farming while my solar system is generating energy :).

I guess i have to switch to cli then?

Not really. The farming starts before you provide your fingerprint. When you provide your fingerprint, it only let the UI fully start (e.g., to see your wallet), other than that, you don’t need to do it (to farm).

Are you 100% sure? So if i win a reward, it still gets transferred to my wallet, even without my fingerprint?

Any reason to ask this question? Are you not 100% sure, do you have any reasons to doubt it? As @Bones pointed out, the only way for you to be sure is to run the test.

The only difference between CLI and UI is that UI starts everything that CLI does, plus a UI portion that gives you some visuals. The fingerprint lets you view your wallet that is represented by that fingerprint (e.g., if you have more than one, you specify which one).

All the farming, etc. is done based on your plots and your start_farmer process. It has nothing to do with the UI.

It’s space pool that issued that guide as they noticed alot of farmers were offline every month after win updates hit.
This fix certainly allows partials to get to the pool, so can’t see why you wouldn’t be rewarded, that would be nonsensical.
If your partials are getting to the pool I’d imagine everything is running fine, just the GUI hasn’t opened.

Yes, im in a pool so i can easily see that my farm comes back online from the pool dashboard without selecting a key

Thanks for all the replies. Yea the problem is, that i am not farming in a pool and my rewards are coming -avg- every 2 month, so it is hard to test :slight_smile:

For maximum stability, we strongly recommend using a Linux system like Ubuntu instead of Windows for Chia farming.

I was just thinking, what about just killing the windows update service, that stops it form updating all together, right?
Then you can just update when you choose to.
going to try this out