Chia begins sending out Chia Holiday 2021 CATs


It is easy to self-aggrandize and blame on everything else. However, it is difficult to own the problem and just say that the winning period would extend till things will be under control. I guess, that would be not much of additional expenses on their side but would buy them some respect.

Thanks for the info.

I couldnt help myself, but had to try it.
Installed the light wallet on a extremely slow ubuntu-vm, imported mnemonic from my first wallet, that won a block mid of the year and it was synced within a few seconds.
Initially, there were 250 of one CAT and 100 of another CAT.
I added the CH21-CAT, but no amount yet.

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Same here. What are the 100 and 250 CAT accounts?

I have some ‘CAT WALLET’ items in the list too. I looked up the Asset ID at and it looks like I have 100 ROSE and 250 CRYPTOSHIBE. Airdropped i’m guessing?

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Thanks for the info. I have the same two. I guess they are sending them out to everyone.

I have also received 2x CH21 tokens.
Does anyone know what the Chialisp “limitations program” is mentioned on the entry?
TAILS Database - Chia Holiday 2021

Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) have a Token and Asset Issuance Limiter (TAIL) program which determine their characteristics. In order to use a CAT you must import the TAIL hash (also known as Asset ID) into your wallet.

The limitations program must be the chialisp implementation of that TAIL program I guess, determining the characteristics of the CAT.

No idea (yet) what I’m talking about, but just a little deduction Sherlock Holmes would not approve of;-)