Chia Blockchain 1.2.8 released – major update, install it now

Big update to Chia with lots of new stuff. Read about it here: Chia Blockchain 1.2.8 released – major update, install it now - The Chia Plot

Or just skip that step and download it here: Download - Chia Network


My farm sounds like frogs as the new version processed the plots!

Can anyone explain this is lay terms?

"Added plot memo caching in PlotManager, speeding initial loading and cached loading, by enabling harvester to save the parsed plot memo on disk on shutdown, then load it back into memory on startup so that it can skip key parsing calculations for all already known plots."

Is this saying that all initial plots lookups are now cached for existing plots, not requiring disk access? I’m not clear on what “plot memo” and “initial loading and cached loading” means here.


I thought it meant for loading plots after a shutdown/ disconnect but could be wrong.

Our harvesters are running mostly idle, so why is that restriction for “already known plots.” Shouldn’t harvesters seeing low CPU usage actively scan all plots to have them all be “know?” Or, at least scan newly added plots.

The verbiage in that bullet is rather harvester developers specific. (I mean specific to people that work on that harvester.) So, unless you scrutinize the code, we will all have different guesses / understandings. Another option would be to chase developers to expand on that. Although, I like the way you interpret it, but don’t think that is what it is.

I did the update, but after update wallet dosent start anymore i get alot of errors!


I updated my main node (windows) and 3 remote harvesters (ubuntu). All went well.

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do we need to update harvesters as well ?

Harvesters need to be on same version as main node.

that means its working

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