Chia Blockchain 1.3 Beta released

Chia Network has released a Beta (Not for production) version of Chia Blockchain 1.3 which integrates the Light Wallet and Full Node functionality.


And a quick review after checking it out and trying a few things that weren’t as good before. All in all, very good release.


And last but not least, I went through the Database upgrade process on my farming system and documented the process and results here


Cool I thought the DB will be upgraded automatically - but looks like not. Thanks for documenting.

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Thx for the review, mate.

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Do we know roughly what the changes are with the upgraded database? How were they able to save so much storage space?

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I do not, although I think it probably has to do with table efficiency and not storing the same data multiple times.


BTW Beta2 is out and available for download (1.2.12.dev284)
Are there any change notes available - testing would be much more efficient if it would be known which area might be impacted.

When you download the beta ChiaSetup-1.2.12284.exe where does it state that you have to do a .\chia db upgrade ? For my notes…

Also when you do the db upgrade must you be running the GUI or not?

there is no need to upgrade the db - but then you do not have the advantage of the new format.
upgrade is done offline without gui

Maybe it would be good to differentiate between the new db layout and the code that handles db.

The new db layout removes redundancies from the db (looks like there were a lot of those). Also, as the new db is created from scratch, the “dead” space is also removed - sqlite tends to fragment the underlying file (if you run vacuum on the existing blockchain db, you get ~10% size reduction just by removing that “dead” space). This extra overhead will still creep in as db will grow. Actually, another part of db cleanup would be to review table indexing, as this could potentially speed up the db a bit. Not sure, whether that has been done.

However, the code that handles the db is responsible for db crashes, slow syncing, so if there is going to be any improvement related to those, it will come from this part.

Lastly, this was potentially a good time to dump sqlite, and move to a better performing db. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

So, assuming that there were relevant code changes, I would just run the new version without modifying db for some time. Once things will start running smoothly, the next step would be to upgrade db. This way, there will be just one moving part to watch for.

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I’ve been using v1.2.12.dev284 since 3 days. I deleted everything. I did a clean install. No problem.

So you re-synced from scratch??

I did the db upgrade offline without running the GUI on my test node.

Is this where the DB is v1 and v2?

You may want to check your config.yaml, as db location is specified there. Just make sure that it is V2 in the db name. You may also want to check, whether wallet db got also updated to V2, and eventually check what config.yaml says about it.

  database_path: D:/chia-db/blockchain/blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite
  database_path: D:/chia-db/wallet/blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite

The Config changes should be done automatically while start of the wallet / at the end of the DB upgrade offline process. as written the V2 should be now in your config.

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I had some with the pool nft config entries - they are not always properly detected and updated. THis is done when the wallet resyncing. Note: I am connected to several pools and did also some pool changes in the past.
other then that I have only one error message in the log related to farmer update info for space pool (and only with that pool). But operations seems fine.

If it is done automatically, that means that you may want to restart chia at the end of the process, as those lines are read only during the chia startup phase. Unless that process does a silent restart / switch (if it is done while chia is running).

Restart is required. There is no automatic restart AFAIK.