Chia blockchain services not start

Hi everyone

running under Ubuntu 22.4
Chia version 1.6.1 was running not bad
Start again and now Chia Blockchain services do not start at all !!!
Anyone could help me , please ?
Many thx

Maybe try this, there were no further posts by the OP so i assume it worked.


I do not know but tkank you

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  • did you try a reboot?
  • do you receive an error?
  • please check / attach logs if possible
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Thank you but I do not know how to reboot ?
I shut down and start again and still the same

I try via terminal to launch chia blockchain but not work !
It’s running without start, seems it miss something ??

Try reinstalling the software.


If reinstall doesnt help, try reading here.

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Have you checked your logs for ERRORS?