Chia can not farm or plot, help please.... two days already

My chia is synced .But the pool and farm not working .

reintall the Chiacore still is the same situation, don’t know what to do,help.

Plot and other is always loading .

Always the most simple question, Have you rebooted the system?

Yes rebooted and reinstall Chia several times but still not work

And also re-import the private key ,not working

Have you tried deleting everything? Both chia folders (.chia under the users folder and the chia blockchain folder under users/username/AppData/Local). Then reboot, load fresh, add your key.

Thanks you Very much!! It work !

And I have another question : Can I move this .chia file to another drive ? It is too big to my C drive

I found the solution , not matter what ~ thank you very much~

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