Chia cloud plotting service - 5 free plots!

Just launched my Chia cloud plotting service:

I know it is not the first one and it is probably not the best too but I’m so exited.

I have servers in all of the 10 locations: :de: Germany, :es: Spain, :finland:Finland, :netherlands: Netherlands, :poland: Poland, :uk: UK, :us: New York, :us: Chicago, :us: San Jose

Will give a free plot to the first 5 people that register.


I’m told that: this is fake. You have to pay minimum 5$, 1 plot order, or 2 plots, you have to pay 5$ minimum.
Don’t go there, folks!!!

You just need to make an order for one plot. You don’t have to pay it. The plotting will start for free.

Ah ok, I’ll try 1 and see if that works then.

Nah, just tried, there is a difference between what you say and what your system does.
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Refresh please :wink:

Your plot should be already plotting.

Now it says plotting.
It says payed, I didn’t pay anything.
So you have some work to polish it. It could work, everything should match, your talks about it, the system, etc.

Normally you will need to pay and then it starts plotting.

For the first 5 users I just manually mark the order as payed.

There is only one free plot left.

:white_check_mark: 5 plots are successfully plotting for the first 5 registered users.

0 free plots left.

16 hours later, the site is gone, glad I didn’t pay anything
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The guy is active on the forum maybe is just temporary technical issue… did you had order not fulfilled yet ? Contact him directly he will help i think … we were chatting in another thread some hours ago

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It is backonline. You should be able to download your free plot now.

OK, now some final feedback on the trial order.
Got it downloaded (your network got interrupted once and had to restart it).
Ran a test of the plot file, I’m uploading this as feedback thinking that this may be helpful for future actions.
Does it run correct? No. The file result came back as not-valid. So, I suggest you do a test with your own keys and do a test with the farmer bound with the same keys.
Thanks for the experiment! :slight_smile:

Anyone with plans to run a plotting service, it’s a good idea to run at least one test yourself. Not all clients whose first plot (even totally free) does not work will come back to tell you so.
/How to run the test/
On a machine where “NO” chia key is installed, or just delete the keys, and create a plot by using farmer keys. When done, re-enter the key into that machine and run a test.
That way, you are sure if everything is good to go or not.

That is interesting.
I have plotted 200 plots for me so far and 110 for some friends. Nobody had faced the same issue.

Looking at your output it seems like the chia cli can’t find the plot in the directory. Not that the plot is invalid.

Damn this didn’t last long… Would have liked to get a free plot in return for an honest objective review. Thanks for helping the Chia community though.