Chia Coin Miners Are Reselling Used SSDs as New (Ed. no they're not)

Tomshardware is at it again, masters of FUD

@sargonas Maybe one of you guys should give those poor people a call and educate them a bit :joy:

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Yeah I read this article the other day. :roll_eyes:

People are selling their used NVME drives ‘as new’? Alright, which of you ******** beat me to it? :laughing:

It’s kind of sad because folks here like JM have really good relationships with senior editors over there and have great conversations about this kind of stuff with them… And their senior editorial staff are very technical and aren’t going to make silly mistakes like confusing an SSD with an HDD… but then they have whatever clowns write articles like this cranking these poorly misinformed technically inaccurate things out and just throw them live with no oversight.

I have no idea what’s going on over there but it’s a little irresponsible. How can Tom‘s hardware, of all places, post an article that is so factually incorrect and confuses different types of storage mediums with each other and gets their technical profiles wrong? This is the bread and butter of their business.

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This is generally true with the tech media. The more knowledge you have on a topic the more errors you will catch.

I was helping out after a few people left and someone wrote a Chia article with a bunch of errors in it without running it by me. Its pretty bad.