Chia command line vs GUI - Newbie questions


I have built a Ubuntu 20.04 system for Chia farming. I am able to plot and farm but I have some basic questions.

  1. For most long-running apps in Ubuntu, the heavy load is carried by a background service and GUI is there just to give a view into the background service status. However, for Chia app, when I try to quit from GUI, it says plotting as well as farming will be stopped. Is there no background service? Do I always have to keep the GUI app up?

  2. While the GUI is up, I opened a console window and tried to create a plot from command line. However, when I switch to the GUI view, I don’t see this plot in the view. Am I missing something?

  3. The GUI has a field for specifying the queue name for a plot. Is there an equivalent argument for command line?

  4. My configuration has 16-core CPU, 2 SSDs, and 4 HDDs. I was told that I must add 16 plotting processes. Each process must create 29 plots and use queue instead of processing in parallel. Does this sound right?

Thank you in advance for your help.