Chia Compressed Plot Update


Most significant quote:

Chia Network Inc. plans to release a new version of Bladebit in the coming weeks to support plot compression. The plotter is already in the final stages of testing, but we still have to wrap up our work on the farmer – there is little use in creating plots you can’t farm! In addition to our work, several community developers have also released their own compression tools, such as madMAx’s Gigahorse plotter/farmer software. Before long, you will be able to choose the best plotter to suit your needs.

PS: Chia prefers you don’t use the term Plot 2.0 which reminds me of how much the ETH core devs hated the term eth 2.0.


I guess it’s time to start building my new plotter…

I’ll need to clean the dust off my plotter, glad I kept it, and there’s space for a GPU in there (T7910)

I might do something similar, looking at a ThinkStation P710.

And what is the matter ?

Will Flexfarmer eventually support compressed plots?

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99.9% sure.

The question is whether we support them first

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I have a few questions:

  • Is it worth replotting to K33, since need to replot anyway?
  • How do I estimate an optimal compression + CPU load?

All my HDDs are 18TB each, farm of 2.2 PiB (22,770 K32 plots currently). I run a single node on a 22c44t CPU

Not sure if others know, but to get a feeling on how many compressed plots and what compression level your compute/ harvester / Rasberry Pi is capable of farming,

If you download NOSSD client, when you first run it, it will do a self test and show the number of plots and at what compression level your computer can theoretically farm.

This of course is based off of NOSSD’s compressed plots… but I’m guessing that Chia’s and Madmax’s will be similar as long as you are comparing the sizes of the different compressed plots.

Thought I’d share if anyone else is wondering how to figure out what exact compressed plots and how many they will be able to handle.

This is primarily for CPU harvesting only though.