Chia connecting to wallet problem

I installed version 1.2.10. Then it asked for migration and asked me to create a password. I created it. Then it stays on the “connecting to wallet” screen. I waited 4 hours, but no change. I restarted 2-3 times. same problem persists. It stays on this screen for hours.

Same problem here. Just moved to a new computer and it’s just spinning.

What do you think about this issue?

Downgrade to 1.2.9 should fix the problem. I didn’t test 1.2.11 yet.

How can i find 1.2.9 version for Rasperry pi4 ( experimental GUI installer)?

You can find any version on their Github’s release page. Download the installer and double-click to install.

It is probably related to a broken wallet DB in your machine. Fully close the application and then go to “username/.chia/mainnet/wallet” directory and delete all files. After that try start Chia application again. It should work.
Good luck!

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I deleted all files on /wallet/db. now it stays on this screen. what do you think?

It seems your DB is also corrupted… You can repeat the steps on “/.chia/mainnet/db” folder. But then you will have to download the whole blockchain again ~34GB.
Remember fully close the Chia application before delete.

Hope it helps!
Good luck!

i deleted wallet db and downgrade version 1.2.9. Now it’s synced but my wallet is not synced. What do you think? Wallet is not syncing. wallet syncing is not progressing. Always the same value.

The wallet database is very slow to sync, this is a known issue 1, known issue 2. And to make it worse, 1.2.10 broke everything.

In my case, other than my main farm, I also have my working laptop running a full node to farm Chia on my portable 5TB HDD. This is for the purpose of testing a new Chia version before implementing anything new into my farm. Therefore, no matter what happens, it won’t affect my main farm.

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I have tried to delete db and wallet folders but the below is what I get, can you please help? does it take time to get it up and running again after deleting those files?

You should see the blocks youve got going up in number on that screen.
It looks like youve received none.
Id say somethings wrong.

How are your peers, do you have any?

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