Chia core Change my wallet address?

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You are warned that chia core “modifies” stuff. And still you went there blindly.
Now, don’t come back here crying.

For what it’s worth, it’s what this pool do so that if farmer wins the block, the XCH rewards will pass to to pool wallet for redistribution. It does not follow Chia pool protocol reward distribution 0.25:1.75, to what I know.
If you do not trust it, do not install.
No idea with the plots you already created, maybe usable maybe not.

Yeah, the above person’s argument is not valid either.
He thinks that the farmer and pool reward receiving address should be his while at the same time farming on the pool. (Note: that would be fantastic! )
Many people are just lost in this rush (they don’t know what they are doing, why they are buying…etc).

so it is better to use hpool?

New pools which will support the chia offical method are almost there. You waited this long, 1 more week of waiting is doable.


It’s not going to be one more week. It’s a Blizzard’s “Soon”
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True, I know this, the matter, you have to replot and that just i wanted to avoid…

It is essentially malware. The (anonymous) devs themselves basically admit that by telling people to run it in a VM. If the only thing it does to your system is hijack your Chia executable, that’s an absolute best case scenario.

Guys, I don’t want to say it is a legit site or not as I just installed their program but if you worked with Nicehash you have already seen all these different malware notices when you installed it. all the miner are actually malware as they use computer resources and change stuff ( I am not a software engineer :))

will be more than a week, but no one knows for sure. P.S. the last of the easy profits is over the next week or so.

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P.S. almost all crypto software complains about viruses.

If people actually read they’d usually see “PUA:CoinMiner.” Which is “potentially unwanted application: coin miner.” This is a thing because people install miners without the owner’s consent. If the “virus” warning is for a remote access tool, trojan, etc, then it’s probably, actually malicious software.

that is taken out of context. They said if you don’t trust us then you can run this in a VM as an extra layer of security.

I am not suggesting people join them just pointing out the options.