Chia crashing my SSDs and making them disappear until PC is rebooted

Honestly, over the years I have found Samsung SSD’s to be amongst the if not the very best.

I had this same issue with a Firecuda 520 1TB hooked up externally via USB to an Ubuntu machine. In my case, the drive was overheating and crashing. I put it in an external enclosure, added thermal pads/heatsinks to it, and have a fan on it, and the problem went away.

I have the same issue with my Samsung 980 Pro 2TB. Unfortunately, covering it with the heatsink did NOT solve the issue, and Samsung Magician froze and failed to refresh the temperature rating as a result. Windows logs say nothing. Can someone point me to what to look for in the logs? Thanks!

I would have to concur with some of the above comments regarding heat dissipation. I’ve just noticed this same issue last night for the first time and found this thread, unsurprisingly, describing the issue.

I have 3 (allegedly) enterprise grade Micron 5100 Pro 960gb Ssds, I liked the idea of several smaller drives to plot multiples in parallel at high speed over one large drive with the speed bottleneck of that single drive.

Initially when plotting on the single drive that had arrived so far I noticed it was blazing hot, to the point that I’d have burned my hand holding it, and the hotter it got the slower plotting got. I half assed a case fan directed straight at the trays where all 3 drives would eventually go, and that solved the issue instantly. Once all 3 arrived and I installed them, everything was great with the fan.

I had to move some stuff around though and didn’t have the fan in there for a bit and figured it’d be fine overnight last night at least, since I’d cranked the case fans to compensate. Woke up this morning to ALL my plots frozen because the SSDs had clearly disconnected from the SATA mobo slots overnight at some point, and were reconnected now but just idling, with Chia giving the “trying again in 5 minutes” ad infinitum.

Add a fan directed at your drives or some thermal paste and a heat sink maybe and I bet at least some individuals problems will go away. Also don’t use consumer grade drives unless you want them to pop in three weeks.


So i took the SSDs back and because no matter what i did, i couldn’t get them to work. In turn i bought a WD_Black 1TB AN1500 NVMe andi have been plotting since it got delivered without any issues.

Thank you very everyone’s interest.