Chia Decentral live Q&A April 25, 2021 at 2:30pdt

Drop some questions in this thread for them to answer live!

EDIT April 26: YouTube Stream

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What’s up Chia forum. Look forward to taking some questions from the community. Drop a few in here and we’ll try to get to the good ones.

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With ETH gas fees in the spotlight can you explain how fees are calculated in chia?

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The netspace is increasing rapidly it seems. Is it predicted to level out to a smaller percentage increase per week or will this continue longer term?

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It will be a market like any other fee system in other projects. There will be double the tx/s of Bitcoin but that’s about all we know at this time. Layer 1 transaction fees will always be an issue as long as all transacting is done on layer 1. Layer 2 transactions will lower the tx fee but still need to be developed.

How long does a chia transaction take?

Yes I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has done some forecasting on the growth rate. I’m assuming it will have to slow significantly as it gets larger (as overall % gains for total space should be less?). But I don’t fully understand network space growth rates.

What are the most reliable ways to confirm farming is working correctly?

Well you know my question… what’s up with this silent 30 second harvester limit, and why did the GUI let me happily “farm” for 5+ days with absolutely NO INDICATION that I had zero chance to harvest a single chia coin… like… ever? :wink:

Is this 30 second limit written in stone, forever?

(one side effect of this is that it favors smaller farmers, which is a kind way of interpreting it and I am OK with that… but it still sucked to be silently doing nothing all those days!)

Can you explain further what you mean? Transaction fees in other projects can range from Massive (ETH, BTC) to negligible (BCH, EOS). Where will chia lie in this range?

Do you guys have any insights into what pooling will be like?

Is there any benefit to assigning more than the U_Sort Min RAM for plotting performance?

Also where is this Q&A being answered live?

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NICE! Did they answer my 30 second timeout question?!

I actually wasn’t able to listen, was with the family. I just reached out to them to see how it went, I’ll try and get their recording up here when it’s ready.

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Bram brought it up and was confused about the issue but I’m going to have JM reach out direct to help you out.


Do we have a YouTube link?

I just edited the first post in this thread to have the stream video

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Thanks for this. Watching now.

Good news is Bram said they were working on pooling protocols that would allow jump between pools (I assume he means without re-plotting). This was around 14 - 15 min. mark.

@codinghorror Your issue is being discussed at around 36 min. mark.