Chia doesn't see my plot nft

I migrated to a new Ubuntu 21.04 installation and installed chia with chia gui. Then I copied

  • ~/.chia/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite
  • ~/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_*.sqlite
    so the new node doesn’t need to sync the whole db. But even once I see that the blockchain and wallet are synced the pool tab won’t show the nft that I had.

I found that the solution would probably be to delete the wallet db and sync from scratch but what is then the point copying the db in the first place if I can’t use it?

Well you just need to resync the wallet, so in that case the blockchain is still synced and you can farm.

Two other options though:

  • Copy the NFT info from you old config.yaml into the new one, restart the app
  • Create a new (self)pool NFT in the GUI and after that it will show the rest of the nft’s as well.

Don’t know why this has not been fixed in new version but apparently it hasn’t

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What bit of the old config is that please that I should copy?

As for creating another NFT for selfpooling do I need to actually start self pooling as well for the old nft to appear? Or just to create the nft? I didn’t want to do that just because the pool that I’m in has a fee discount that would end if I change the pool.

You should copy the “pool_list” section from old config.yaml to new config.yaml. It should work without needing the sync wallet db.


just create a new NFT, it will be empty without any plots attached to it. So your existing NFT/pool settings will not be affected, that can only be done by hitting the “change pool” button on an existing NFT in the GUI.

but copy the config is better, otherwise you end up with NFT’s you dont use (I have 4 now :sweat_smile:)


I have a similar problem:
My setup crashed and i had to reinstall chia, entered my key and copied db / wallet from another machine…and cant see my nft’s -.- i dont have a copy of my old config…but 4 useless nft and still didnt get my old one.
Everithing is synced.
So if i delete the wallet-db and let resync the wallet will the nft be shown again? :frowning:


Yeah but it can take some time. Chia program will validate the blockchain where you define that pool and will update the config.yaml.

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